Our Business

No. of major shipyards : 5 in China
Total docking capacity : 1.73 million dwt
Services : Ship repair, conversion and jumbolisation; new builds; oil rig repair and construction; and marine engineering
Major locations : Dalian, Nantong, Shanghai, Zhoushan and Guangzhou
Strengths : Strategic locations, high service standards, high capacity and capabilities, and internationally competitive prices
Client base : International
Growth plans : Ongoing expansion programme to increase our Ship Repair, Ship Building & Marine Engineering capacity and capabilities, from the current docking capacity of 1.35 million dwt to 1.73 million dwt by the end of the first half of 2007
No. of dry bulk carriers : 12 in operation
Total fleet capacity : 698,306 dwt
Services : Global transport of dry bulk cargos, typically grain, iron ore, coal, steel, cement and fertiliser
Strengths : Extensive global network and high service standards
Clientele base : Internationally established shipping companies and cargo owners
Growth plans : Maintain a young fleet of vessels for chartering to shipping companies
Services : Document preparation, collection of freight, cargo operation, vessel husbanding, customs declaration, port authority coordination, administration and settlement of cargo claims, transshipment management, bunkering services and container handling, cargo canvassing, and other value-added services
Strengths : Extensive global network, high service standards, and high capacity of COSCO’s fleet
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